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The Stone Center Acquires Powerful New Prostate Cancer Targeting Tool

NEWARK, NJ – The Stone Center, one of the largest lithotripsy centers in the United States, announced that it is expanding its urological services for patients through the acquisition of a powerful new tool for the analysis, planning and targeted biopsy of the prostate. The new technology, available in New Jersey only at The Stone Center, is known as the “UroNav fusion biopsy system” and clinicians have found that it is better able to pinpoint trouble spots and lead to a quicker prostate cancer diagnosis.

“This is a groundbreaking medical technology breakthrough and a real ‘game changer’ for physicians and patients,” said Dr. Patrick N. Ciccone, Medical Director and Chairman of the Board of Governors at The Stone Center and NJPCAC Treasurer. “We are confident that this new technology will mean more accurate diagnosis for patients. The Stone Center is excited to be able to equip New Jersey urologists with the latest technology to identify and target suspicious prostate lesions.”

Introduction of UroNav was the result of nearly a decade’s research and development, principally conducted at the National Cancer Institute. Prostate cancer experts believe that “targeted MR/ultrasound biopsy” will become the new standard in prostate care.

In an ultrasound guided needle biopsy, urologists use a fine needle to collect a number of tissue samples from the prostate gland, which are then examined for cell abnormalities that are a sign of prostate cancer. With this new technology, urologists can more easily locate aggressive prostate cancer. The technology offers the potential to minimize the over-diagnosis of non- aggressive cancers, while maximizing the likelihood of detecting aggressive tumors.

“For those men who are moderate to high risk,” says Dr. Ciccone. “UroNav can cut down on random biopsies that may find nothing. It can also help to diagnose the cancer faster.”
UroNav fuses pre-biopsy MR images of the prostate with ultrasound-guided biopsy images in real time, for never before available clear delineation of the prostate and suspicious lesions. The UroNav fusion biopsy system uses this critical diagnostic information to provide urologists with a targeted approach to prostate biopsy

Biopsies guided by MR/ultrasound fusion enable both physicians and patients to make more informed decisions ranging from prostate cancer diagnosis to treatment options—such as active surveillance or more radical interventions.

The Stone Center has invited all NJPCAC member physicians to come to the Facility and see this new tool first hand.